It is now expected that the bitcoin (BTC) mining complexity will be reduced to six days, which will help miners avoid market crashes and record high complexity.

The following adjustment will see complexity, a measure that shows how difficult competition for mining rewards has fallen by 5.8%, the biggest decline in nearly five months – by -7.10% since November 8, 2019, according to estimates of Bitcoin home. Mining Pool. Ten days ago it was determined that the following adjustment would increase the mining complexity to 7% by 17.71 tonnes.

Since November, has had only two drops, less than 1%. Its decline is, as it is now determined, BTC mining difficulty at 15.60 tonnes, where it was in February. However, the number may be even lower, as they are now being constantly evaluated.
bitcoin mining
BTC Mining Complexity and Hasrat, or the computing power of the Bitcoin network, both reached new heights in early March, with mining complexity rising by 6.88% and eventually falling in the 16 T range.

Speaking of Hasat, though it has risen from 110.86 EH / s to 118.40 EH / s ten days ago, it is now at 99.70 EH / s, down 16%. Since the first day of this year it is not below 100 EH / s.

Mining profitability declined and reached its low point. From March 6, mining profitability began to dive even further, from $ 0.152 / USD to $ 0.152 / USD 0.0693, a 54% decline.