110037: The best airport in the world

The place became famous on their own
The town gets its label when it knows
Places with & # 39 are the places of their identity
They do not require anything other than his or her identity

– Maxwell Fry

A well-known British journalist once asked: "India has become big because of Gandhi or Gandhi became big because of India & # 39; To paraphrase my question: will the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi because of the PIN code 110037, or vice versa ? & # 39;

The airport, which is also an airport in the capital, has its own independent value, which does not include a peripheral add-ons such as the Pin Code, how important it is (Pin Code). IGIA in Delhi alone is so important that she does not need anything else to maintain and strengthen its enviable status. At least, on this occasion, the pin code 110037 takes a back seat, although it can be said that the Delhi-37 became known to the international airport.

Need Windsor Palace in London some other point of interest, or for printing identification cards for its existence? Oxford University needed an extra person for his presence? The White House still need some kind of attraction to highlight its position? Howrah requires a separate PIN or need to bind it to the apron strings of Calcutta (oof, Calcutta!)? Autonomous places enough to stand on their own. The same applies for Delhi airport, for which the 110 037 falls in the number of rooms in the list of Delhi indexes.

Just for the official formalities, this PIN is really there, or in 2007, there was a proposal to abolish 110037 as the PIN Delhi airport. This has not been done for reasons best known to the officials and the existing system.
IG easily the best airport in the country. Those who & # 39; went abroad and saw JFK airport in New York, Tokyo International Airport, Heathrow (London), Gatwick (London), Dubai International Airport, to name a few, recognizes that the IG is in the same row with initial airports on all counts.

Structural greatness, well adjusted and smart about the & # 39; an object in conjunction with a connection making it the best airport in India, if not the best in the world. This is one of the best airports in the world, and the very thought of Delhi-37 is the beautiful images of this beautiful airport.

In addition to being the capital's airport, the Air Ministry sees to it that it has continued to improve, and the funds must remain world-class. In the end, the international airport reflects the image of the country, and if it is located in the capital, it should be the best of all the international standards and parameters. And Delhi IG proved it. Think, when the airport Palama decades ago Palam village on the outskirts of Delhi has been known for the airport.

Today, he is still there, but the new game won the IG's own identity, and it is free from frills Palam village, and vice versa.

This ample examples of the city's attractions, which is growing and becoming famous on their own at any other crutches that support.

Today IG standing on his feet, and though the Pin Code-37 extends a helping hand, she often becomes superfluous.