Air Travel – Flying tips for a long time for people with disabilities

For those of us who are fortunate enough to travel to distant places of the world, whether it be a business relationship or pleasure, the flight can be a nightmare, especially if you suffer from a disability. If more planes designed to further flight, such as the 777ER (extended range), and Boeing is developing a plane that can fly so far, it does not need a hub, so no change of aircraft, our flight time in the same close seat is growing.

Some people obviously have the money to fly in business class or first class, which gives you more comfort, but for the majority of travelers with disabilities, we crowded as the economical load.

So what can you do to improve your journey?

You can start with the moment when the book the flight. Most of the operators working on large transport, will not allow you to book seats in advance, so that on the day of your flight, you can take anywhere. the inner seat plan to find the airline for the aircraft on which you will be, and make a note of the reference number for the seats that are only half – it is best to do it as soon as the flight is confirmed. usually in the same room for the legs and are usually located next to the toilet.

Once you have done this, contact the company concerned, informing them that you are disabled, specify your disabilities, and tell them that it will help you greatly when they will be able to book a place that you noted earlier. In most cases, they will do it.

Another useful tip when referring to airlines – ask her special & # 39; food. Now, all airlines are doing it, and pitch & # 39; iruyutstsa of salt to meat, fish only to carbohydrates, etc. Usually, the list can be found on the airline's website, so check first if you are not able to find it easily. Ask them to list. This service has an additional cost.

The reason for this – that these special meals & # 39; distributed over a conventional meal, so you end up in front of everyone, and you do not have to queue in the toilet, as the majority of other passengers eat.

If you are looking for the best service in the plane, think of the stewards with respect. I always hand them a couple of boxes of chocolates as soon as we reach cruising altitude, it typically provides a preferential treatment.

Like best flight and travel.