What does your airline to reclaim lost luggage?

The last time I saw a white corrugated cardboard box with soft sticker attached to her arrival in the rack US Airways in Mexico City. My wife and I have just arrived from Acapulco Mexicana Airways and changed our carrier to Air Airways, to complete the journey to Seattle via Phoenix. Once we landed in Phoenix, we are sent back to pick up the luggage from the carousel. However, we unfortunately did not have any signs of duty-free white box. Friendly woman with airport security said that there is a periodic delay as checked baggage before you can boot into the next flight. She assured us that our box should be in our plane to Seattle.

After our flight arrived in Seattle, we had expected, as the last piece of spun round the carousel. Administration of the Transportation Security Officer (TSA) has informed us that it was the last flight of our luggage. Unfortunately, our white cardboard box had not yet arrived. Gentleman sent our office claims the US luggage Airways, which was surprisingly comfortable, and right next to the carousel. My wife and I have informed the representative of our lost a box, and we filled the application form.

After arriving home we called every day for the first week with the Central Bureau of luggage in Phoenix, Arizona, and we have informed us on how to move forward in their quest to find our lost box. We were advised to fill in the damaged or lost property form, which we received in Seattle, and send them via e-mail.

Ten days after the submission of the form, I called the central department of baggage Phoenix and talk to an expert on luggage. They still have not received the questionnaire, but the next day called to confirm that they received it. About our lost box had no news until now, but it should be on it is still active.

Mike Adams, baggage expert, while working in US Airways for over a year, and his work has caused a call clients about their lost or damaged baggage declarations, coding and determining the claims of improper coding. He recently completed his studies at the average program search. I wanted to get a few answers about the steps that they take to find lost luggage.

"After the filing," said Adams, "we use the World adsledavannya system (which is used by more than 300 member airlines) to look for the bag by the name, address, type of bag and contents to find out whether there is a match on If there is a match, and bag sitting in the terminal, two men opened the bag and the contents of the bags are introduced into the system. All unclaimed luggage is kept for five days, and then sent to the Charlotte, North Carolina. check stock, and the matching shapes on the property complaint updated. If baggage is not present, the secondary should be done which checks with other airlines, and connections to see if a piece is lost has been sent to a different location.

How long they will be looking for lost luggage? Mike says that at least four weeks, unless they are catching up with the storm, and then it will take longer.

Or stolen luggage or other staff? "Yes", – says Adams. "In the industry there are some theft. Theft is usually carried Administration security personnel transport." Thus, the airlines will adjust abnormal operation to find the person or persons responsible, and to solve the problem. Adams has shown that in this case the white cardboard box has a red flag. Thieves are especially oriented to these items. "To solve this problem in the future, – advised Mike – and take away the temptation to simply buy a cheap suitcase and put alcohol in it." It was a simple and healthy tips that would save us the headache.

If the field is not found, a claim is settled? Mike said that a letter with a check in the amount of alcohol lost, probably, will be sent to us. He was half right. We received a letter from US Airways, but instead of a check, we received two traffic tickets in the amount of $ 50.00, which were in force one year from the date of issuance.

From every experience, good or bad, there is much to learn. First, my wife and I decided that we would only buy things that can be safely packed in a suitcase. Secondly, we will celebrate our bags unique identification, for example, colored stripes, tape or labels stand out a lot of these suitcases. Third, we will put our names and address somewhere on the inside of the suitcase or bag to make luggage tweets, such as Mike Adams & # 39; Work much easier ties & # 39; to unite lost luggage with the owners.

Doing these three steps can not guarantee that you will again ties & # 39; combine bags on the carousel, but they will certainly improve the odds. Happy travels!