Reasons tickets to Egypt sell like hot cakes

Egypt – one of the most populated countries in the Arab world and draws the spotlight thanks to an ancient civilization and a wonderful variety of attractions. For researchers Egypt really ecstasy, as it is full charms and inventions that reflect its historical splendor. Below are four of the best must-see sights of Egypt.
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pyramids of Giza

Pyramids of Giza remain in the upper part of the route the tourists who book flights to Egypt. These pyramids – the result of the efforts of generations of kings. Location is an ancient civilization and history of Egypt, as well as the mummies of many legendary kings and queens. Moreover, in the pyramids of Giza are hundreds of “mastabskih” entities – the best vacation spots for socializing and the main court employees ancient pharaohs.
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Islamic Cairo

Millions of tourists book your airline tickets to Cairo to enjoy the beautiful lures of this place. Of all the most popular bazaar Khan el-Khalili. This fair in the 14th century was a mere caravanserai and was once the largest shelter for caravans. Over time, this place has turned into a bustling market, where exhibited such ornaments, products from copper and brass, wood, weird Pharaoh’s convenience, carpets, fabrics, dishes and spices.
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Karyravanne tickets to Cairo is also popular because of Saladin fortress, built by Salah El Din. Initially, this fortress was built with the purpose of the fence of the city from the invasion, but was later converted to the sultans. Fort offers magnificent views of Islamic Cairo with bird’s-eye view and provides breathtaking views of the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, a police museum and the palace of Al Kapan.
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the temples of Luxor

King Ramses II and King Amenhotep III built the temples of Luxor. This temple was built for the sole purpose to become the heart of the city’s most famous event – the Festival of Opet. Excellent structure of these magnificent temples with & # 39 is an excellent and entices many to visit this magical palace. The obelisk is 25 meters from the entrance to the temple looks incredible. In addition, the Colossus of Ramses, situated in the complex, reflects the life and traditions of the glorious past of this charismatic country.
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Karnak temple

Known in the name of the ancient Egyptians called Ipet-Isut, Karnak temple was built in honor of the Triad Triad of Amun, Muta and Khonsu. This temple looks like an ancient city, which extends to 200 acres of land. Many considered the mother of all religious buildings and was a place of pilgrimage for thousands of years. The inscriptions engraved on the temple walls, help visitors to understand the history of the buildings.
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