Four spectacular locations for a full moon trip


The joy of the march increases even when full moon light. There is a traditional taste that remains inaccessible in the traditional format of hiking. Depending on the time and place of your destination, you can enjoy the fun of this adventure sport. Here are some great directions for a full moon trip:

  1. Bryce Canyon National Park: Located south of Utah, this section is known for its breathtaking and beautiful show. The colorful and rounded cliffs, known as hoodoos, look gorgeous in the light of the moon, and the whole park gains a fiery look every evening. One or two miles every night on a full moon, a guard can walk into the canyon. Snowshoe walks are also available during the winter season and provide a unique experience of canyon and geology on every floor.
  2. White Sands National Monument: If you want to see the sun under the moonlight, this increase will definitely blow your mind! The beautiful dunes of the White Sands National Monument look magnificent in the moonlight. This hiking location in New Mexico is unique because the dogs found here are thousands of years old. More interestingly, they are seldom made of plaster found in the sand.
  3. Tucson: This destination offers a 3-hour and 2-mile trek across the desert. Your walking guides will give you UV light throughout the hike to find scorpions in your area. Don't worry, they won't be able to hide from your guides, and they will shine when the UV light goes on. As the sun sets and the night wilderness begins to cover, you will see the color and beauty of this desert that has never been seen before.
  4. Makapu and point Lighthouse: When we think of Hawaii, we don't think of an automatic march, but I think we should do it. I say this because Makapu and Lighthouse, located on the breathtaking island of Oahu Island, is a beautiful place for tourists. It offers an average of 2 miles long hikes that combine the beauty of the coastline. As the moon passes through the clouds, the rays increase the beauty of the ocean waves on this site. The ride has its own unique feel when you experience the beauty of the ocean waves!

If you're traveling for a long time and want to experience something new, a full moon trip is exactly what you are looking for. So go where you choose and experience the joy of it!


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