Visit Limassol, Cyprus Crown – A lot of history, entertaining and Mediterranean vacations


Have you ever thought of spending your time in history and in the works of art created by our ancestors and then in Limassol, Cyprus? Many Greek-style structures still offer the ultimate brick and have a rich culture and offer you the endless Mediterranean beauty. This small island, squeezed in the belly of the Mediterranean, has attracted the attention of travelers from all over the world. The legend of the English King Richard, or more, the heart of Richard Aslan, destroyed the old territory of Limassol, which he has lived in since ancient times.

Tourist spots do not stop at the festivities and numerous festivals that hold every Limas calendar year round. The biggest attraction is the 15-day Lemesos (old name for Limassol) Carnival. From the time of the Greeks and Romans, the first civilized inhabitants of the island to the inhabitants of Limassol, people flock to the beach in Limassol from all over the world.

From a tradition, the carnival has turned into a great structure. The carnival survived many occupations of the island of Cyprus, and Limassol maintained this tradition. Thousands of Limassolans take to the streets, and thousands of children are being trained in foreign countries and in all free areas of Cyprus.

There are many other festivals and Limassol is known for its festivals in Cyprus. The second most popular festival is the wine festival, which offers free wine for more than 15 days, and you can see folk dancers from around the world performing at the wine festival. Other notable Limassol festivals are the Yermasogeia Flower Festival each May, the Flood Festival in June, the Shakespeare Night and the Ancient Greek Drama Festival. The latest addition to Limassol is Beer Fest, introduced in July 2003. During the Beer Festival, you will get not only the local flavor of Beer but also many international brands with background music from international music.


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