Queen Eleanor and Bower


Queen of Castile Eleanor, Edward's 1st wife, "Scots Hammer" & # 39; He could also be described as an early advocate of the Welsh, Pembrokeshire strike in this matter because he loved the region.

According to historians, the Humphrey de Bohun transferred the Haverfordwest castle to Queen Eleanor in 1289 and spent a lot of money on the building. He remained there shortly after his death at the end of 1290, during which time he borrowed £ 400 from two English emigrants from South Wales, and records show that he paid £ 360 and £ 47 for carpentry.

These days, it was a fairly large amount, and historians say that the history of building the existing curtain wall and towers is linked to its property. It seems to historians that it is a magnificent view of the city and the following river port, with large windows indicating that they are a magnificent residence for the Lord of the Castle and his officers.

The Pembrokeshire holidays were short on early deaths, but last year or so, there was a small garden outside the tasting walls overlooking the city, which is still known as Queen Eleanor & Bower; Arbor, though, is short to show how much it should be. Pembrokeshire vacationers can see the grassy terraces of Bower at the Castle Lake parking lot between the Castle and High Street. The romantic-minded vacations on the Pembrokeshire cartoon can surely be imagined by looking at the Queen's own Bower, the arbor-flavored, walled city. There should be five gates, three churches, a bridge, numerous mills, an attractive view with the Dominican Friar and the great Augustine Priory.

Unfortunately, today's holiday in Pembrokeshire was found, a door and a mill, but the bridge, three churches and Priory's ruins were still seen and visited. Priory CADW has been subjected to a 12-year archeological excavation by the Wales Ancient Monuments Agency and made an interesting visit to the restored monastery and its unique medieval garden. One can only understand that Queen Eleanor has only one year to enjoy her new property before she dies at 49.


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